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How precious to you are the moments of your wedding day?

How tight is your budget?

Are you trying to weigh up what is worth more - the experiences of the day or the photography that captures and immortalises them?

Well, I will ask you, "why not have both?"




Mike Frakes Photography is passionate about capturing those unforgettable moments. He offers an excellent quality service and broad range of great looking and well crafted products that are affordable. If you have ideas in mind for the images you want taken, please feel free to bring images and we can walk the venue to plan out your day and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Please contact me by phone or email via the contact page, and I will be happy to discuss options and budgets and make it work for you.

Looking for "not-so-usual" pre-wedding photo's for your custom made invites or as a signing board at your reception? Ever considered Rock climbing? or Abseiling? Mike offers interesting getaway ideas, where he will train you to rely on each other. Once he is satisfied that you are good to go, he will create images of your exploits to give your invites and signing boards that amazing touch.